CNC Machining

The use of Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is the most appropriate solution for solving the most complex machining problems. Where a special machine or tool was previously required, it is currently done with the CNC in a very simple way.

The Computer Numerical Command (CNC), is an electronic equipment that receives information in the manner in which the machine will perform an operation, through its own language, called the CNC program, processes that information, and returns it to the system through electrical impulses . The electrical signals are responsible for driving the motors that will give the machine the desired movements with all the characteristics of the machining, carrying out the operation in the programmed sequence without the operator’s intervention. The introduction of CNC in the automotive industry has radically changed industrial processes.

Curves are now easily cut, complex 3D structures become relatively easy to produce and the number of steps in the process with the intervention of human operators is drastically reduced.