M3T Metalomecânica 3 Triângulos Lda

Cutting, Bending and Treatment Services

Bending is one of the shape-changing processes that consists of the plastic deformation of the plate allowing the manufacture of planable surfaces of cylindrical, conical or prismatic geometry.

Bending is a technological process that uses a die and die in the manufacture of machine tools called bending machines. Dies and dies are simple to manufacture, and generally adaptable to a wide variety of shapes and dimensions. The specific field of application of sheet bending is the production of small series of manufacture.

Cutting, Bending and Treatment Equipment

  • 6 Tornos paralelos até Ø1500×9000

  • 1 Torno paralelo Ø1500x15metros

  • 1 Mandriladora com 3000×1500 até 12t

  • 1 Fresadora convencional

  • 3 Retificadoras planas

  • 1 Mandriladora com mesa rotativa de 2000×1000

  • 2 Retificadoras cilíndricas

  • 2 Engenhos radiais até 2500mm de braço

  • 1 Torno vertical


OMAX water jet


Laser Cut / Water Jet 3000x1500
Plasma Cut / Oxyfuel: 400 amps of power 12000x3000


Oxyfuel and Plasma HD 450A with 12000x3000 stroke

Bending machine


Bending machine

Bending machine