M3T Metalomecânica 3 Triângulos Lda

Heavy and Light Metalworking

One of the oldest professions in all of history, the industrial metalworking, has a fundamental role to perform the tracing of parts in material of carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, iron plate etc. In addition, he is the one who cuts, folds, assembles and finishes the traced parts, thus giving all the finishing and finishing.
Metalworking is one of the fastest growing sectors in the industrial and mass production business, because it is possible to transform metals, weld, create and manufacture new tools and parts using metal.

Heavy Metalworking is an industrial activity whose purpose is the manufacture of specific equipment that, in general, is not produced on a large scale. This exclusive manufacturing, that is, on request, is usually made from raw materials such as steel, metal alloys, etc.

The company has an area of ​​1000m2 to work stainless steel in order to avoid contamination with iron.